Regional hiking trails

3rd Hike

‘Around Flöhberg Hill’

Duration:2.5 hours


‘White Grapes on Red Soil’, W10, V10, MD

Start:Peaked Tower, Wertheim

The hike begins at the Peaked Tower in Wertheim. Opposite the banks of the Tauber, behind the first house, you set off down the Tauber promenade and proceed towards the Tauber bridge. On the left hand side you pass the Wertheim Town Hall. At the ‘Stadtwerke’, you turn into Mühlenstraße and continue along it for a short while, before turning left again into Mühlensteige after around 100 m. You then proceed up the steep uphill path for around 300 m. At the top you will find a plateau with a bench to rest on. Then you take the hiking path on the right entitled ‘weiße Weintrauben auf rotem Grund’ (White Grapes on Red Soil).

You walk along a beautiful meadow path with a view of the Tauber Valley until you reach a signposted turn to the left, W10. The MTW continues straight on, but you take the left-hand path marked W10. You will find yourself in the cultured vineyards of the Walzenberg hill and can take a set on a bench to enjoy the wonderful view of Waldenhausen.

You turn off the path marked W10 and hike straight along the V10 path until you reach a vantage point at Tauber weir and Teilbach Mill. Here you turn left onto the tarmac forest path that continues steadily uphill for around 30 minutes.

At the top you reach the ‘Rittelhöhe’. You take the left-hand path at the crossroads and follow the markings MD and ‘weiße Weintrauben auf rotem Grund’. After around 10 minutes you reach the fringes of the forest. The markings W2, MD and ‘weiße Weintrauben auf rotem Grund’ are attached to a pylon. You proceed straight on through a dip in the path. The ‘Haagweg’ takes you steadily downhill until you reach the Hirschgraben at Wertheim Castle. You go down the Hirschgraben, cross the road, pass the Town Hall rose garden and then emerge on the banks of the Tauber. Turning right onto the Tauber promenade, you continue for around 2.5 hours back to your starting point, the Peaked Tower.