Regional hiking trails

‘Around Kaffelstein Hill’

2nd Hike

Duration:approx. 1.5 hours
Difficulty:  easy
Markings:WU 5
Start:Hiking noticeboard in Kreuzwertheim/Main Bridge

You start at the hiking noticeboard in Kreuzwertheim/Main Bridge and proceed into the town for around 100 metres. At the marking WU 5 you turn right and ascend the steps. You then keep right when you get to the top. You will see the marking for WU 5 on the lamppost in the property on the right, pointing you to the left after a brief ascent.

You turn right at the top and then hike up a gentle hill. At the next branch to the left you continue straight on and, after a few minutes, reach a vantage point with protective railing. From there you can gaze down at the Main and Wertheim district of Hofgarten. The Rococo period Schlösschen im Hofgarten Museum is situated at the centre of the park.

You continue along the high path and, again after a few minutes, the Kaffelstein vineyard opens up on the left. As the hiking trail proceeds, it is bordered by the colourful sandstone walls of the vineyard and commands stunning views of the Main Valley. At the end of the high path you can look forward to a bench to rest on and enjoy the delightful panorama of Wertheim-Eichel (you can also make out the Wertheim-Höhefeld wind park in the distance).

Soon afterwards you will enter the Rainberg Forest. Shaded by the trees, you follow the markings for WU 5 until you reach the boundary (wooden fence) of a residential estate. You then keep left, continue for around 300 metres and then turn left again (WU 5) into the forest, pass a water house and then continue straight on past a radio mast. After hiking for around 70 minutes you will reach the Wertheim Kaffelstein hill. This vantage point lets you marvel at stunning views of Wertheim Castle, the old town and the river Main. While descending the hill, you keep right, next to the metal railing on the platform, walk through a stone archway and then proceed to the left down the steep descent. You turn left (WU 5) after approx. 50 metres and return to the starting point.