Regional hiking trails


1st Hike

Duration:approx. 3 hours
Difficulty:  easy/moderate
Markings:WU 6
Start:Wertheim Castle

You begin your hike at Wertheim Castle (12th century), directly below the walls of the castle, and take the route marked with WU6. You then proceed through a cool mixed forest for around 20 minutes. Between the trees you can catch a glimpse of Kreuzwertheim and the Main Valley. The Jewish Cemetery, one of Germany’s oldest cemeteries, is located on the left-hand side. Soon you will reach the barrier at Eichelsteige. After that, you continue up the hill to the right for approx. 500 m.

You exit the forest, keep going straight on and follow the tarmac road; after around 25 minutes you will pass the shelter at the barbeque site. A stunning view opens up after another roughly 200 metres. You briefly leave the marked hiking trail and peer down to the bend in the river Main. In the distance on the left-hand side you can see the Wertheim-Eichel barrage, while on the right you can make out Wertheim-Urphar with its stately fortified church.

After a few kilometres the path branches off to the left (WU6) and you hike through some easy undergrowth down to Urphar. On no accounts should you miss out on a quick detour to the 1,000-year-old, fortified church and its rich historical legacy.

Then you to turn left onto the path through the bushes. It takes you to half way up the Main Valley and back to Wertheim. Along the way you will enjoy magnificent panorama view of the Main’s riverbanks, the natural border between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. You turn left at the end of the narrow path. It proceeds uphill for a little, but once you have ascended the Eichelsteige you will arrive at the Schlösschen im Hofgarten Museum (18th century). Alternatively you can turn into Burgweg and enjoy a moment of rest on the castle terrace. The stunning view of the historical old town is free, of course!