Pilgrims in the Delightful Tauber Valley

Way of St. James

The holiday region Delightful Tauber Valley is home to many different artworks commemorating Saint James and that can be viewed when hiking the Way of St. James section Oden Forest-Main-Tauber Valley.

Numerous and extremely varied depictions of St. James are waiting to be discovered in magnificent churches, enchanting villages of half-timbered houses and in the untouched nature.

The Oden Forest-Main-Tauber Valley Way of St. James connects at Miltenberg am Main with the extended route from Colmar via Aschaffenburg and proceeds for 170 kilometres through the Delightful Tauber Valley with its woodlands, orchard meadows and vineyards, until reaching the Franconian-Swabian Way of St. James just outside Rothenburg.

The tourist alliance Delightful Tauber Valley has created nine stages. Please find further information here.