TOPPELS Erlebnis GmbH
Almosenberg 6
97877 Wertheim

Upside-down house

Toppels -

topsy-turvy world

You’ll only find this here! Fancy really hitting the roof? Not only are the things in Toppels topsy-turvy world a little squint - almost everything is turned on its head.

Anyone looking to give their senses a real challenge to overcome will be just right at Toppels upside-down house. A stroll along the ceiling or pull-ups with just the little finger - suddenly these things could hardly be easier here.

And the things you experience in the 9 rooms just needs to be photographed for posterity. But taking the shots will take creativeness and dexterity!

And the world’s only upside-down café is the best place to browse through the snapshots. And there is nothing better to accompany the process than a slice of cake and a cup of coffee made from beans roasted at the lovingly furnished eatery.

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Images and text: Toppels Erlebnis GmbH