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Guided tours & programmes

City tours and highlights for groups and solo travellers to discover or rediscover Wertheim.

Old cities have a special aura - the presence of stone legacies to bygone ages whose walls tell tales of yesteryear and earlier, whose squares, reinforcements and towers appear as living testimonies to their former purposes and in whose narrow cobblestone alleyways the centuries seem to echo.

Our city as well - the historical residence town of Wertheim - offers its guests precisely this atmosphere, imbued with a deep respect for history and the unstoppable progression of time. After all, Wertheim is just as much a young, vibrant and modern city. A city that honours, protects and shares with you its legacy, without every having stood still.

Our town deserves to be given time and attentiveness to absorb its details, whatever the season - perhaps during a classic guided tour or one of the main themed and special tours that we have developed for you as expressions of our love of Wertheim. You will be accompanied along the way by our multilingual tour guides.

Public guided tours

Public guided tours of the city and Wertheim Castle for solo travellers

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Guided tours for groups

Individual guided tours for groups

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Themed tours

Take a trip through time!

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Wine & Culinary tours

Food for the body and the soul.

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Day programmes for groups

The best of Wertheim for groups.

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Programmes for individual visitors

Bespoke individual experiences.

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