Endless kilometres of Germany’s most delightful cycling trails lie ahead of you.

“Discovering Wertheim – by bicycle”

Cyclists are spoilt for choice in the holiday region of Wertheim.

They can take their pick of the most beautiful and popular cycling routes in Germany, for instance the ‘Main Cycle Path’ or the ‘Classic Delightful Tauber Valley’ (5-star premium cycle path). Lazy flatlands along the magnificent riverside landscapes of the Main and the Tauber meander through picturesque countryside to hidden gems and romantic spots you are certain to enjoy.


Leisurely and ambitious cyclists will all find their very own tour here.

Delightful Tauber Valley – the classic for cyclists (Der Klassiker)

Leisurely, premium cycle tours


Main-Tauber-Fränkischer Rad-Achter

Pleasurable cycling along Germany’s most beautiful cycle paths


Travelling by e-bike

Zipping through mountains and valleys of the Main-Tauber-Franconia region