It is an old cultured landscape and one of the few in Germany that has preserved its original character.

Holiday Region Wertheim

The holiday region of Wertheim lies nestled in an enchanting natural setting on the rivers Main and Tauber, between the Spessart and Oden Forest, in Franconia, the ‘green heart’ of Germany.

The area brings history to life in a manner rarely encountered elsewhere. The four castles belonging to the Hohenstaufen dynasty are important testimonies to bygone ages. Franconian hospitality is legendary in our holiday region, and the range of leisure activities for the whole family is truly impressive.

The local eateries are as varied as the landscape itself and range from authentic, rustic inns to top class hotels, providing something quite literally for every taste. The excellent reputation of Wertheim wine (Goethe: “Bring me a casket of Wertheim wine”) is due in no small part to the soil, the exceptional climate and the hillside locations, which in many places could hardly be better.

And there’s no better place than Wertheim to spend a little downtime for people who are keen to sample the famous and popular Bocksbeutel wines from Wertheim.

Route of Delights

Take a trip through time to delight all your senses!

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Romantic Road

Germany’s oldest and most popular holiday road.

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Külsheim occupies a central location between the main towns of Wertheim (15 km) and Tauberbischofsheim (12 km) – up top on the Delightful Tauber Valley and a little off the beaten track of seasonal tourists. Around 5,300 inhabitants live in the core town and the 5 districts of Eiersheim, Hundheim, Steinbach, Steinfurt and Uissigheim. The 18 wells that have been dotted around the old town for more than 1,000 years add to the particular attraction of Külsheim. The historical old town and the castle are well worth a visit as well. The hiking world of Külsheim is a fantastic opportunity to experience nature. The ‘city of wells’ has plenty to offer as a centre of Tauber-Franconian wine as well. For instance, the Külsheimer Hohe Herrgott and the Uissigheimer Stahlberg, which come in the traditional Bocksbeutel bottles, testify to the quality of the regional wines.


The Bavarian market town of Kreuzwertheim in the Lower Franconian district of Main-Spessart is situated in the Main Valley, on the edge of the Spessart, just opposite the Baden-Württemberg city of Wertheim. Kreuzwertheim covers a total area if 20.4 square kilometres and includes the districts of Röttbach, Unterwittbach and Wiebelbach. Around 3,800 people live here. The city of Wertheim was originally established on today’s cadastral area of Kreuzwertheim. The city was split into two parts, modern Wertheim and Kreuzwertheim, with the reorganisation of Europe by Napoleon in 1806. The river Main became the border. Kreuzwertheim Castle is the residence of the princely family zu Löwenstein –  Wertheim-Freudenberg. Among the worthwhile sights are the Spessart Brewery and the Beer Mug Museum.

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Delightful Tauber Valley

The holiday region Delightful Tauber Valley with the rivers Tauber and Main, the side valley and the attractive, cultured landscape featuring castles, palaces, monasteries and museums is always worth a visit!

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Franconian Wine Country

The sun always shines on Franconian Wine Country: You’ll notice that when ambling through the vineyards with your tour guides, exploring the landscape while hiking or cycling along the Main Cycle Path, enjoying evenings full of culture and magnificent music or when catching sight of the overwhelming beauty of the Würzburg Residence. This feast for the senses naturally includes culinary temptations as well, especially when the aromas of Franconian wine explode on the tongue or the kitchen creations seduce the palate. This high art of wine and cuisine for which Franconia is rightfully famous is found in the region’s wineries, restaurants and inns, in the traditional ‘Heckwirtschaften’ and at the many wine festivals.

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Get to know the holiday towns and regions in Spessart-Mainland.

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Experience a stream of delights by the river! 

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Franconia Tourism Association

Franconia is a mosaic of innumerable pieces – a multifaceted burst of colour. This variety promises holidays brimming with excitement, culture, culinary delights and relaxation.

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RÄUBERLAND is situated at the heart of Spessart and in the centre of the Main rectangle. It is a tourist alliance of the Bavarian municipalities of Dammbach, Eschau, Heimbuchenthal, Leidersbach, Mespelbrunn and Rothenbuch. A very popular area for hiking, it is among Germany’s largest mixed forest regions.

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Main-Franconian Oden Forest

from idyllic hamlets to cities of half-timbered architecture.

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