Take a trip through time to delight all your senses!

The Route of Delights

Established 2015, the Route of Delights connects selected, particularly enjoyable travel destinations at the intersection between Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. Look forward to a delightful experience for all of your senses!

The Route of Delights runs from Aschaffenburg, along the Main via Miltenberg and Wertheim to Würzburg and along the Tauber up to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Right at the centre: The medieval city of Wertheim. The Route of Delights is an alliance of premium business in the region that aims to showcase the variety, quality and particularities of the regional products. The cooperating manufactories are united by their love of crafts skill, as well as by the creation and processing of their products in harmony with nature and the environment.

Follow the aromas, taste the diversity, listen to the sounds and discover the beauty and charm of the region around Wertheim. The Route of Delights is divided into six sections, each of which has its own character and offers very individual pleasures. But all the sections have one thing in common nonetheless: The businesses that are run with plenty of passion, knowledge and commitment and that offer products and services that are special and occasionally even unique.

Whether it’s wine tasting at a richly traditional vineyard, delicious fruit brandies, aromatic perfumes or a delight to the eyes when visiting one of the region’s art galleries: Take a trip along the Route of Delights and experience the region with all your senses!

For all the information about the Route of Delights, visit www.route-der-genuesse.com