12 Stars for Wertheim


Discover Wertheim’s landmark

The ruins of Wertheim Castle, one of the largest of its kind in south Germany, sits perched on a rocky outcrop between the rivers Main and Tauber. Locals in Wertheim enthuse about their own ‘palace’, not least due to this particular topographical location that makes the castle blend seamlessly into the old town. The castle is well worth a visit at any time of the year – for a tour of the well-preserved site, a concert by the moat or to relax over a glass of wine on the sunny terrace of the castle restaurant. And anyone daunted by the ascent with its stunning views over the roofs of the old town will be glad to know that the choo choo train provides a more leisurely alternative.


Shopping in picturesque alleyways

A lazy shopping trip through the old town of Wertheim is always an attractive option. Specialist retailers, small boutiques and richly traditional stores invite visitors in with their broad range of wares, attractive offers and competent service. Famed throughout Germany, the factory outlet shopping centre Wertheim Village is located just outside the city, right by the motorway slip road, offering a large selection of national and international designer labels and promising a lively shopping experience for the whole family.


Family-friendliness redefined

Wertheim is a family-friendly community in which civic engagement plays an important role. Besides a large number of clubs and associations and a good provision of nursery and kindergarten places, schools and higher education institutions, there are also numerous other services extending from holiday care to youth centres. The ‘Family Pass’, a unique promotional service in the region, gives families discounts when visiting municipal, church and cultural facilities. The City supports civic initiatives like the Family Network or the Senior Citizens’ Council and has compiled the ‘Family Guide’ containing important information on all matters from birth to retirement.

Festivals & Holidays

Any opportunity for a party

People in Wertheim like to celebrate, so there is plenty going on throughout the year. It starts at the castle, where the attractive and well-attended events extend from musical and cultural shows to ‘medieval spectacles’. Numerous wine festivals in and around the city, St. Michael’s Fair with is breath-taking fireworks display above the castle and the legendary Western Festival in Nassig are just a couple of the highlights. The annual Old Town Festival is the real crowd-puller with thousands of visitors meandering through the narrow alleyways to the delightful sounds of musical performances. The atmospheric Christmas Market traditionally brings the year to a pleasant conclusion.

Culinary Treats

A city of connoisseurs

Wertheim is located on the river Main, which Germans calls the ‘white sausage equator’. But the city has far more specialties and delicacies to offer than the name might suggest. Tucked away in the enchanting ambience of the medieval own, restaurants, beer gardens and cafés invite visitors in to sample a variety of regional and seasonal dishes. From the famed German ‘traditional cooking’ to outstanding Michelin star chefs, from a quick espresso on the trot to a multiple prize-winning, local wine – personally served by the vintner in one of the countless vineyard wineries – Wertheim offers everything the heart could possibly desire, leaving the guest delightfully spoilt for choice.


Exciting guided tours for any interest

Combining a tour of the city with a visit to the County Museum and the Glass Museum is a good choice. Not only do these two institutions present a variety of historical exhibits, they also hold a number of educational events. The Schlösschen im Hofgarten Museum, a jewel of Rococo architecture built in 1777, lies nestled in historical gardens directly outside the city gates. It is home to one of the most important collections of paintings from the Berlin Secession and a private collection entitled ‘Porcelaine de Paris’. Bronnbach Monastery, the venue of numerous cultural events and well worth a visit, is located a short distance away. 

Bicycle Tourism

A richly varied paradise for cyclists

You’ll only find it in Wertheim: two of Germany’s most beautiful cycling trails come together at the confluence of the Tauber and the Main, namely the River Main Cycle Path and the Lovely Tauber Valley Cycle Path, both of which have been awarded five stars by the German Cyclists’ Association ADFC. These are the only two routes in Germany with the highest seal of approval, as they ideally combine important criteria for bicycle tourists: good surfaces, interesting routes, simply signage, well-developed infrastructure for accommodation and catering, low traffic and good connections to wider transport networks.


Picturesque views of the historical town

The old town of Wertheim lies enclosed by the rivers Main and Tauber, with the castle towering high above its roofs. Its historical silhouette remains largely preserved, so that the development of the narrow alleyways over the course of the centuries is easy to trace. Enchanting contracts between the half-timbered buildings from the 16th century are typical of Wertheim’s picturesque, old city core. Visitors can marvel at all kinds of decorative facades and their wooden beams, as well as a large variety of delightful sandstone structures (e.g. the House of the Four Crowned Martyrs or the Angels’ Well). 

Water sports

Turning two rivers into a leisure park

The river Main is a great place for all kinds of water sports, an attractive venue for holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts, as well as a real gem for canoe treks. Five camp and caravan sites – all of them perched on the banks of the river – and a number of slipways for recreational craft testify to the excellent infrastructure that Wertheim provides for water sports. And the locals in the rowing club, canoe club, German Life Saving Association DLRG and others certainly appreciate the beautiful surroundings in which to exercise and stay healthy.


World-famous Wines

There is a long tradition of viniculture in Wertheim. Wine was produced in Tauber Franconia as far back as the Middle Ages. “Be so kind and send me a casket of fine Wertheim wine at your earliest convenience”, wrote Goethe from Weimar on 30 May 1816. The principal grape varieties growing in the shell limestone and shale soils are Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner, which prize-winning vintners transform into striking wines with delightful fruit and an earthy-flowery character. This is one of the few regions outside of Franconia where it is also permitted to fill the wine into bocksbeutel. Part-time vintners, vineyard estates and wine cellars in the Tauber Valley adhere to rigorous quality standards. And you can taste the difference. 


Ten world market leaders cannot be mistaken

Wertheim, the biggest hub of business in the region, is a centre of the German glass industry offering a large variety of inexpensive, fully developed industrial land. Its central location in Germany and Europe, the excellent traffic connections (A3 and A81 motorways, the only Main port in Baden-Württemberg etc.), as well as the active policy for supporting local businesses ensure that Wertheim is a highly attractive location, not only for the industrial clusters that have already settled here. A liveable environment with good education and housing sectors enhance the attractiveness of its job market. So it’s hardly surprising that the top products from Wertheim are sold throughout the world and have even conquered space! 

Building & Housing

Living where others go on holiday

"Affordable housing in an idyllic environment": this would be an apt description for the Wertheim property market, which offers something for every taste – from a new build in the country to renting a chic old town apartment. Municipal programmes to reactivate old buildings and to support young families, the good schools and excellent healthcare, as well as the wide range of apartments for senior citizens, make Wertheim interesting for every age group. Attractive jobs and an immense variety of cultural events, restaurants, leisure facilities and shopping outlets help to create a truly liveable city.