Sights in and around Wertheim

Churches, Monasteries & Chapels

The churches, monasteries and chapels in and around Wertheim testify to the tumultuous history of the denominations in Wertheim.

The Lutheran Reformation took hold in Wertheim from 1522 onward, and the city converted to Protestantism. For a long time, the Lutheran faith was the only denomination permitted in Wertheim. Once a catholic place of worship, St. Mary’s became the protestant Abbey Church. After the family of counts split into a protestant branch and a re-catholicised branch in the mid-17th century, it was used as a church for both faiths until completion of the catholic parish church of St. Venantius in 1842. Today, the protestant Collegiate Church and the catholic church of St. Venantius are considered two of the most popular sights in Wertheim. But there are many other churches, chapels and monasteries worth visiting in and around Wertheim.

Monastery Bronnbach

The former Cistercian monastery of Bronnbach from the 12th century is located in the Tauber Valley close to the county town of Wertheim.

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Protestant Abbey Church

The Protestant Abbey Church stands at the centre of picturesque Wertheim.

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St. Venantius Church

The church of St. Venantius was constructed between 1840 and 1842 and is the Roman Catholic parish church in Wertheim.

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St. Mary’s Chapel

Marvel at the remarkably colourful windows in St. Mary's Chapel, Wertheim!

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St. Kilian’s Chapel

The 15-century St. Kilian’s Chapel is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful double chapels from the Gothic period.

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