Wertheim for connoisseurs

Culinary delicacies and more

Wertheim is situated along the Route of Delights. So delight during your stay at the culinary highlights of the region, the first-class wine and the hearty Franconian specialties.

There’s always good food in wine-growing regions. So bon vivants are in precisely the right place in Wertheim. Wertheim has an amazing selection of restaurants – from traditional food to fine dining, there’s something available for every taste. Preserving the traditional cuisine of Wertheim and its surroundings is a particular concern. So it’s hardly surprising that guests will find the menu listing Tauber trout, lamb, game or green spelt, a regional delicacy. Franconian wine, fruit juice from the meadow orchards of Tauber Valley and to round it all off a fine brandy made of local fruit just cannot be missing.

Get to know the region’s culinary delicacies, for instance on the Wertheim Delicacy Tour.

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