Meeting place:Pointed Tower
Duration:approx. 2,5-3 hours
Group:min. 7 people
smaller groups pay a surcharge

Price per person: 

7 people or more

€ 33,00 in German, € 36,00 in other languages

20 people or more

€ 26,00 in German, € 27,00 in other languages




Delicacy Tour

“The taste of Wertheim”

While touring the city you will drop by at a butcher and bakery, visit the castle cellars, enjoy a typical regional lunch in a Franconian inn, take your coffee in a Wertheim café and finally sample one of our ‘Original Wertheim Buddescheißer’ (what might that be?)


Bookable from Monday to Saturday during the opening hours of the visited establishments.


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