Tour itinerary:
- Welcome drink City tour
   ‘Flooding in Wertheim’*
- Lunch
- Visit and guided tour of the Kurtz Ersa
   Hammer Museum, Hasloch*
- Interactive media/iron hammer

Meeting place:Peaked Tower
Duration:Day trip
Group:min. 20 persons,
smaller groups pay a surcharge
Price per person:  €26.50**
Note:Not including transfer


You can select from the following programme items instead of the city tour:

Tour of the castle* incl. train ride and admission:
Price per person: €33.50**

City tour* in the GeckoBahn tourist train:
Price per person: €34.50**

Tradition and innovation:

The blessing and curse of hydropower

Living industrial history, thrillingly told

Before setting off on a tour of the city you will enjoy the taste of our city in a glass with an ‘Original Wertheim Buddescheißer’, served personally by your tour guide. During the tour, the expert guide will tell you all there is to know about life by the rivers and how the inhabitants dealt with flooding in the city. Once the tour is over, we will invite you to stop off for some lunch in a Franconian inn.

The afternoon will feature a visit to the Kurtz Ersa Hammer Museum to get a first-hand experience of how technology has been brought to life since 1779. Many of the interactive exhibits demonstrate how hydropower can be harnessed. 

Do you want to experience with all your senses how an iron hammer is used to forge metals? The only iron hammer still operating in Spessart is a piece of industrial history and a richly traditional craft. The elements of fire, air and water will thrill you! Witness the primordial power of the tilt hammer, expertly operated by the blacksmith to form the glowing metal into the desired shape.


* Other languages available on request
** Special offer: 1x free admission for groups of 25 and above / 2x free admission for groups of 45 and above


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