Meeting place:  Pointed Tower
Duration:30-45 minutes
Group:max. 15 people
Price: € 65.00 in German
€ 74.00 in English




Climb one of the outstanding sights in Wertheim.

Group tours to the Pointed Tower

Built as a fortified watchtower during the 13 century, the Pointed Tower is now among the most striking sights in Wertheim. Allow our tower guides to spirit you away into ages past, marvel at the well preserved ‘fear hole’ that was once used as a prison for “shrewish wenches and drunkards” and climb the 141 steps to the top of the tower.

Arriving at the top, you will be justly rewarded with a stunning view over the rooftops of the old town!

The number of participants is limited, we therefore recommend early registration.


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