Meeting place:  Kreuzwertheim
Group:min. 25/max. 50 people
Price:€20.00 per group
Note:Transfer to Kreuzwertheim
and back is not included




Part of the true soul of Wertheim

Prassek-Scheune Museum

The Prassek-Scheune is integral to Wertheim’s identity and enriches our museums with more than 2,000 additional exhibits. They illustrate everyday life in the County of Wertheim during the 19th and 20th centuries. Learn how arduous it was and how the triumphant advancement of technology changed it all for ever. The museum features illustrative exhibits showing the work of cobblers and joiners, masons, carpenters, rope makers, barrel makers, bee-keepers, bakers, butchers, crops and dairy farmers, servants, foresters and – in an extremely popular special show – what school was like for kids.


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