Take a trip through time!

Themed tours

Our themed group tours will take you away on a trip through time to experience the history of Wertheim.

Being led through Wertheim by one of our tour guides dressed in traditional regional costume is a very special experience. The costumes lend added authenticity to historically themed tours in particular. You can also look forward to other exciting themed tours, e.g. about Jewish history of Wertheim Castle!
Take a trip through time to visit historical Wertheim.

Following the traces of Jewish Wertheim

This tour explores the history of Jewish life and work in Wertheim.

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“Short and sweet"

City tour in traditional costume.

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Hard to believe, but true

Witch tour – City tour in traditional costume

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Wertheim Castle ...

... as a residence and fortified complex.

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Jewish life in Wertheim

Guided tour of the Jewish Section of the Grafschaftsmuseum.

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It’s always wet somewhere

Tour of the Grafschaftsmuseum.

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Ambling ...

... through the Schlösschen im Hofgarten Museum

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Prassek-Scheune Museum

Part of the true soul of Wertheim

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Christmas ‘in glass’

Christmas exhibition in the Glass Museum

Photo: Glass Museum Wertheim, Joachim Härtig

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