The Jewish Cemetery is not generally open to the public. But you can borrow the key from the Tourist Information Centre at the Peaked Tower.

Are you interested in the history of Judaism in Wertheim? If so, the guided tours “Following the traces of Jewish Wertheim” or “Jewish life in Wertheim” would be perfect for you!

One of Germany’s oldest cemeteries

Jewish Cemetery

The cemetery of Wertheim’s Jewish community was created in medieval times, in 1406 to be precise. The foundation of Samson Wertheimer, the banker to the Viennese court whose home and synagogue can still be visited in Eisenstadt, paid for its enlargement in 1714.

The cemetery is situated opposite the Main Bridge on Castle Mount and covers an area of 7,344 m². Featuring 72 gravestones from the 15th century alone, the Jewish Cemetery in Wertheim is one of Germany’s oldest resting places and the oldest preserved Jewish cemetery in Baden-Württemberg. The last burial was held in 1938.