The spot acquired its nickname due to the view of the Pointed Tower. Malerwinkel – Painters’ Corner.

Painter´s Corner

Gerbergasse (Jew’s Alley until 1934) leads into Neuplatz. Built in 1583, house no. 6 with its arched portal and the sign for Hans Stark Butchery is particularly fascinating. The name of the ensemble is due to its view of the Pointed Tower: Malerwinkel – Painters’ Corner. A synagogue was built here during the 16th century.

Its successor was owned by the city from 1799 to 1938, which purchased it from Sigmund Cahn, the last chairman of the Jewish community in Wertheim, for 3,000 Reichsmark. This ensured that the synagogue remained largely undamaged during the November pogroms, although the mob did make efforts to set the building on fire.

After the Second World War, the synagogue was used as a warehouse and lodgings for the municipal carpentry shop, but it was torn down in 1961 when the right side of Tauberstraße was expanded. A plaque at Neuplatz now commemorates the former synagogue and the deportation of Wertheim’s Jews, many of whom lived in this district during the 19th and 20th centuries.