Eigenbetrieb Burg
Stadtverwaltung Wertheim
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Schlossgasse 11
97877 Wertheim
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Opening Hours
ab 9.00 Uhr bis Einbruch der Dunkelheit

Restaurant: durchgehend warme Küche
March: Sat & Sun: ab 11 Uhr
April - October: daily11 - 23 Uhr
November + December: Fri - Sun: 11 - 23 Uhr
January + February closed


April to October: sundays at 2:30 pm Guided Castle tours 
We arrange you a guidet tour for your own Group: Castle tour - you decide day and time!

The town’s landmark

Wertheim Castle

Built in the 12th century, the castle is perched regally on the crest of a hill above the valleys of the Main and Tauber rivers. Residence to the Counts of Wertheim, the castle was steadily developed and enlarged until into the 17th century. It was partially destroyed by a powder explosion in 1619 and heavily bombarded during the Thirty Years' War, so that only the ruins of the Hohenstaufen dynasty castle remain standing today.

But they are among the largest and most beautiful stone castle ruins in Germany. They were refurbished during the 1980s with support from the State of Baden-Württemberg, and the castle has belonged to the City of Wertheim since 1995. It is used in summer as a backdrop for numerous open air events and commands a unique view over Wertheim and its surroundings.

Events at Wertheim Castle

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12 Aug

12.08.2021 – 24.08.2021 · 20:00 Uhr


Großes Open Air Kino auf der Wertheimer Burg