Gamburg Castle & Park
Burgweg 29
97956 Werbach-Gamburg
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Opening Houses
Every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm from the 1st weekend of April to the 1st weekend of November. Last admission at 5:00 pm. Continuous guided tours of the castle and park grounds during the opening hours. Outside of the opening hours by arrangement only.

A cultural heritage site of European standing

Gamburg Castle & Park

Gamburg ob der Tauber was first mentioned in 1157 as ‘castrum Gamburc’. The keep is considered the oldest part of the castle. The oldest secular murals north of the Alps (around 1200) are found in the originally Romanesque palace. The ‘Barbarossa frescoes’ were discovered 1986 and are considered the only preserved, original paintwork in a knight’s hall. The murals depict scenes from the Third Crusade under Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa and feature some of the oldest inscriptions in the German language.

Although Gamburg Castle was converted a number of times over the centuries, for instance during the Renaissance period, it was, unlike other castles, never destroyed and has been consistently inhabited since its construction. Götz von Berlichingen intervened during the Peasants’ War to ensure that the striking castle became one of the few to be preserved.

Gamburg Castle has been listed as a ‘cultural monument of particular significance ‘ (National Monument) since 2001.

Among the features of the castle is a Baroque park, which is unique as an integral part of a castle complex in Germany. Original plans were used to decorate the park with statues, wells, fountains, obelisks and botanical rarities like cypress and palm trees. During high season, the castle courtyard is decked out with palm, lemon, fig and olive trees, as well as 300 other, mostly exotic, potted plants that exude a unique scent and lend the complex a Mediterranean flair. Visitors to the castle café can relax on recliners set up between the palm trees to enjoy coffee and cakes.

On request, marriage ceremonies can be held in the castle chapel, while the coat of arms room is available for civil ceremonies. In addition, some of the historical, interior rooms of the castle and areas of the grounds can be used for conferences, receptions, picnics, photo shootings and other functions or events. Contact +49 9348 605 or for enquiries.

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