City of Külsheim
Kirchbergweg 7
97900 Külsheim
Tel.: +49 9345 673-0 

Medieval rectangular castle in the city of wells.

Külsheim Castle

Külsheim was first mentioned in official records in 1144. But construction of the castle started much earlier, namely in the year 1000. The remarkable keep is one of the oldest building sections, and the complex was converted and expanded on several occasions over the centuries. The castle also changed hands multiple times, until it was finally assigned to the city of Külsheim in 1842. At the time, the plan was actually to tear down the castle tower and use the stones to build homes. But this proved so difficult that the castle has remained well-preserved to the present day, and the tower is visible from far afield as a landmark in the city. The castle was used as a school building in the 1970s, and today it is home to the Külsheim Town Hall and seat of local administration. Visitors can walk around all of the exterior reinforcements, and guided tours of the castle are offered as well. A very special event takes place at the castle every three years: The medieval spectacle ‘Burgkurzweyl zu Cullesheym’ with over 500 performers.