Eigenbetrieb Kloster Bronnbach
Bronnbach 9
97877 Wertheim

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Today it attracts its visitors with a rich programme of events.

Monastery Bronnbach

The monastery was established in 1151 and mentioned for the first time in official records in 1153. It was founded by four knights who bequeathed lands to the Cistercian order. Since then, the complex has become a coherent ensemble of buildings after numerous phases of construction over the centuries. The most important monastery buildings were completed in Romanesque stale prior to 1230. In the following periods, the monastery was steadily expanded and redesigned, occasionally due to attacks by robber knights, pillaging in 1525 during the Peasants’ War, the confusions during the Reformation and ultimately the destruction during the Thirty Years’ War. The traces of devastation were removed at the end of the 17th century, and the monastery was redesigned in Baroque style. Its long history has left behind a rich inheritance, for example the Romanesque church with its baroque altars and choir stalls and the Gothic cloisters. Among its most remarkable sights are the Bernhard and Joseph Halls with their Baroque features. Monastery operations came to an end after secularisation in 1803 and the abbey fell to the Princely House of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, which used it temporarily as a brewery. The Main-Tauber district purchased the monastery in 1986 and organised several phases of restoration. Today, Monastery Bronnbach is used as a venue for concerts, seminars, wine tasting, guided tours and other events. The monastery complex also has facilities and a guest house for conferences, seminars and training.


For more information, refer to our day programmes “The history and culture of wine in Bronnbach” and “Take a horse-drawn wagon to the monastery”.


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