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The world of glass in one museum.

Glass Museum Wertheim

The former ‘Kallenbach House’ (1577) and an adjacent half-timbered property are home to the only glass museum in Baden-Württemberg, featuring glass exhibits that extend from glass jewellery to flasks and Christmas tree decorations. There are also regular temporary exhibitions. The Glass Museum aims to communicate the versatility of glass as a material, tracing its production and processing to its use in science, engineering, medicine, industry and in daily life. Particular attractions: Glass bead cabinet, glass blowing demonstrations and the Christmas exhibition during the advent period. There is also plenty on offer for children to present in a playful way how glass is used as a material.

Main exhibition in the Glass Museum:

  • Glass from A-Z

Other exhibitions:

  • Paperweight cabinet Peter von Brackel
  • Temporary exhibitions (available to borrow): “Mobile energy course – does all our energy come from the sun?”

Offers for adults:

  • Guided tour “World of glass from A-Z"
  • Guided tour “Thuringia’s Christmas tree decoration industry and its development”
  • Audio guide “Treasures made of glass“
  • Glass blowing demonstrations

Offers for children and adolescents:

  • Interactive exhibit circuit

Christmas exhibition (each year from the 1st of Advent - 6 January):

  • Exhibition “Historical Christmas tree decoration” (Small House)
  • Exhibition: 10 genuine Christmas trees (Big House)
  • Blowing glass balls
  • Silver plating
  • Christmas bazar (1st of Advent – 6 January)

Glass blowers:
Visitors can peer of over the shoulders of the following glass blowers and acquire insight into their craft outside of the Glass Museum:

Glaskunst Krause Atelier, Ernst-Abbe-Straße 16, 97877 Wertheim-Bestenheid
Tel: +49 (0)9342/913684

Hans-Joachim Ittig, Glashaus Wertheim, Schwarzwaldstraße 6, 97877 Wertheim
Tel: +49 (0)9342/5216, Fax: 84425