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Homburg Paper Mill Museum
Gartenstraße 11
97855 Triefenstein-Homburg
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Guided tours, papermaking and machine demonstrations by prior arrangement.

Experience how the power of water is harnessed to manufacture paper

Homburg Paper Mill

Seit 1807 wurde in Homburg mit der Papiermühle und mithilfe der Wasserkraft Papier hergestellt. Beim Gang durch die Produktionsräume kann der Besucher Herstellungsverfahren und Arbeitsleben in der Papiermühle anschaulich erfahren und auch selbst Papier schöpfen. Besonderes handgeschöpftes Bütten- Papier gibt es in der angegliederten Papiermanufaktur.

There have been paper mills in Germany since the 14th century. The production technique spread from China to Germany
, where paper changed from being a luxury commodity to a mass-produced item during the 19th century. Today,
more than 3,000 types of paper are manufactured for all kinds of purposes.

Visitors to the Homburg Paper Mill can gain insight into the life and work of
a family of papermakers and into how paper is produced in a wooden tub. Homburg papermakers have used watermills to
manufacture paper and cardboard since 1807. It is unique in Bavaria that the complete technical equipment is housed in the mill’s production rooms.
Use of the old machinery is demonstrated in guided tours. Visitors to the museum and the
paper workshop can experience the old art of manual papermaking or try their luck
at producing their own pages.

The museum also offers workshops and guided tours.

In addition, a paper manufactory is also housed at the Homburg Paper Mill, manufacturing
very special, hand-made paper from the wooden tub for artistic and everyday uses.