Meeting place:  At the individual ship berth
Duration: 3-4.5 hours (depending on the programme)
Group:max. 25 persons
Price: €165.00 for 3 hours,
€180.00 for 3.5 hours,
€225.00 for 4.5 hours*
Note:You must bring bicycles
, including a stop in the beer garden



Cycle tours

Around Wertheim

3 hours

Take a leisurely cycle from Wertheim to Kreuzwertheim, where you will have a particularly beautiful view of the old town and Wertheim Castle. You then continue via Hasloch to Stadtprozelten with Henneburg Castle. From there you catch the ferry to Mondfeld. Finally you head back to Wertheim via Bestenheid. Naturally, we have also included a half-hour break in the Löwenbiergarten and photo stops at the most picturesque locations along the way!

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Freudenberg - Wertheim

3.5 hours

You set off from Freudenberg and pass through the towns of Kirschfurt-Dorfprozelten, Stadtprozelten, Hasloch and finally Kreuzwertheim, before reaching Wertheim. You’ll take your best souvenir photos in Kirschfurt with its view of romantic Freudenburg Castle, in the beer garden in Dorfprozelten where the river landscape reveals is most beautiful side, in Stadtprozelten with Henneburg Castle and in Kreuzwertheim, where you will have a perfect shot of Wertheim in its entirely, with the castle perched above.

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Miltenberg - Wertheim

4.5 hours

Your route takes you Miltenberg to Freudenberg, Dorfprozelten, Stadtprozelten, Hasloch and Kreuzwertheim, and finally on to Wertheim. Among the most beautiful photo opportunities are Freudenburg Castle and in Dorfprozelten, where you have a stunning view of the river Main from the beer garden. Right by the ferry across the Main in Stadtprozelten, the view opens up to reveal proud Henneburg Castle, while from Kreuzwertheim you can marvel at the picturesque city and castle panorama of Wertheim.

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*The following languages are bookable:
German, English and other languages on request