Meeting place:  Peaked Tower
Group:max. 25 persons
Duration:2-2.5 hours
Price:€140.00 in German,
€165.00 in English*



Hikes around Wertheim

Of Bavaria, castles and bocksbeutel bottles

2 hours

This panorama hike takes you across the river Main and therefore into the state of Bavaria. We pass along the high ridge of the Rainberg Mountain (Rentberg), passing expansive meadow orchards and vineyards. before arriving at the Kaffelstein vantage point. It commands a particularly beautiful panorama view of Wertheim’s castle and old town. Learn interesting facts about the topics of wine, nature and life in the old county.

Of castles, counties and farmers

2.5 hours

Passing along picturesque old town alleyways, you proceed to the top of the Tauber Valley around Wertheim Castle. Along the way you pass right through untouched, authentic nature with fields, forests and pathways. You can also look forward to thrilling and fascinating tales of life in the old county.

Age-old botanical knowledge

2.5 hours

Herbs and the awareness of their effects were important elements of nutrition and early medicine as far back as the middle ages. The whole bouquet of local herbs were used to season and preserve food, as well as for medicinal-therapeutic purposes. This gentle hike along the high ridge of the Tauber Valley teaches participants about the powers of wild herbs and how they have always been used to enrich local cuisine. (Possibly combined with a herby snack at Wertheim Castle)

Two German states, three bridges

2 to 2.5 hours

The hike starts at the Peaked Tower and proceeds along the cycle trail via the Tauber car park, past Gasthaus Zorbas, across the Spessart bridge and along the river Main to the old town of Kreuzwertheim. After a guided tour, the hike continues past the castle toward the Spessart brewery, along the Main to the Old Main bridge and then back to the starting point.

*Other languages available on request