Delightful moments in Wertheim

Following the Route of Delights

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Delicacy tour

“The taste of Wertheim”

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City tour with a shot

City tour with wine tasting

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Wine-tasting walk

Combine a classic city tour with sampling our Tauber-Franconian wines.

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Wine & Chocolate


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Bavarian Bonhomie

Beer and traditional cuisine

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Pretzels & wine

at the Alte Grafschaft winery

Historical vaults, a venerable old wine cellar, four fine wines and an unusual highlight - a touch of comedy and even more fun by Bakery Fischmuth and the ‘assistants’ from your group, coupled with interesting and entertaining facts on the tradition of baking pretzels.

Meeting place:  Alte Grafschaft Winery
Duration:approx. 1 hour
Group:50-130 persons
Price per person:€16.70 in German or English,
€357.00 per group plus live pretzel baking

A warm welcome

to Wine City Wertheim

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Tales and fables of wine in the oldest vineyard

Following the traces of the old county and the best local wines

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